Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values “…that great and often forgotten language of self-determination and human dignity…”

Our vision: LRN is the skills and passion and dedication of our professional staff, our informed Human Rights Advisory Board, involved parents and guardians, and case managers who deliver services to adults with intellectual disabilities, ensuring that their lives are of continuously improving quality and opportunity. In the vision of our founder, Lou Nelson, “We are to ensure that the individuals we serve find that great and often forgotten language of self-determination and human dignity, so that each is never again a stranger, never alone, but always progressing in community with others.”

Our mission is to ensure that every person served with intellectual disabilities becomes all that they can be, in the least restrictive and most encouraging and supportive environment possible.

Our values reflect our vision and mission:

  • The person served comes first: Their needs, preferences and goals are our primary focus.
  • Least Restrictive Inclusion: The persons served thrive best in an inclusive and encouraging family-oriented community, not isolated. Immersion in a milieu of well-selected peers offers an individual the stimulation needed for growth and development.
  • Self-determination: Involvement of each person served in his programming, support, monitoring, feedback and reassessment of needs is central to his progress
  • Advocacy: The rights of all persons served, as well as safety and progress require us to be advocates.
  • Continuous improvement of persons served: Continuous quality improvement is essential to flourishing. Achievement of goals is not enough, we are measured by the progress of the individuals we serve.
  • Continuous improvement of staff: Continuous quality improvement of our staff is essential to the progress of all persons served.
  • Stakeholder involvement: The progress of all persons served is best enhanced when the input of all stakeholders is considered, including parents, guardians and case managers.
  • Community: We are committed to immersion of all persons served in the community, for the mutual benefit of both.