……….Prairie View

Prairie View is an intermediate care facility (ICF-DD), located in the town of Slayton, in Minnesota’s heartland. Prairie View is divided into three apartments of 6 beds each. It serves adults with severe intellectual and physical disabilities.


Bedrooms are customized to meet the needs and preferences of persons served.


Each apartment has its own dining room, which invokes a bright, casual atmosphere. The three dining rooms are served from an immaculate kitchen.


Prairie View is configured for intermediate care, with wheelchair accessible floors, halls, doorways, ramps and railings, and specially equipped with power-assisted supports, such as lifts, oxygen tank storage, and specially equipped vans for wheelchair accessibility.


But the biggest asset of Prairie View is its well-trained and dedicated direct care staff and supervisors, some, like Kathy Christians and Bonnie Like, have been there for over 26 years.


With such breadth of experience, Prairie View can offer a wide spectrum of special services:

  • medication management
  • enteral feeding
  • insulin injection
  • glucose testing
  • nebulizer treatment
  • airway clearance
  • physical therapy

In addition to:

  • wheelchair accessible transportation
  • personal care and hygiene
  • day activities

Of special note is that the daily activity center, DAC, is located adjacent to Prairie View, accessed through a joining walkway.


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